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latest NEWS:
March 2018: • Upon regular requests, a Spanish section has been installed on the wiki.
September 2017: • Netflix announces Klingon subtitles for the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.
August 2017: • It is publically confirmed that Star Trek: Discovery will use real Klingon.
July 2017: • A lot of new words were released at the 24th qep'a'.
März 2017: • Die Sendung mit der Maus sendet klingonischen Vorspann.
March 2017: • The English part of the wiki has hit the mark of over 1,000 articles.
January 2017: • The wiki is now capable of displaying Klingon letters known as pIqaD.

Dezember 2016: • Das deutsche Wiki hat 1.000 Artikel mit dem Artikel über die TV-Serie "Lucifer"
November 2016: • new words discovered in a message about the Pop Culture Hero Coalition
March 2016: • Axanar lawsuit evokes a good question: Who owns the klingon language?

June 2015: • The wiki's interface menue can now be entirely set to KLINGON!
April 2015: • Klingon language Wiki can now be found on Facebook.
March 2015: • Le Wiki Klingon a été ajouté au portail de la "Communauté Francophone Star Trek".
February 2015: • After running for one year, the wiki finally has its own domain: klingonwiki.net
January 2015: • Kaspersky launches password checker in Klingon. • Die VHS in Wien macht Werbung auf Klingonisch.

December 2014: • Creator of Klingon Marc Okrand plays Scrooge in A Klingon Christmas Carol.
• Eine Kirche in Sachsen bietet ihr Programmheft auf Klingonisch an

Learn and speak Klingon at
qepHom Saarbrücken
16-19 November 2017
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