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Basics of the Klingon Language Wiki

Internal links and References

On a page there should be only one link to a separate page. That means:
  • When there is an internal link to a different page, it should not be mentioned again at the "See also" section.
  • When a reference to an exteranl page is quoted in the text, it should not be repeated in the section "External links".

Examples: If you were writing a page about apple pie, you should not write a link to "apple" under the "See also" section, because that link would probalby have appeared in the main text already. At the "See also" section, you could set a link to pudding, for instance, because that's not directly related to apple pie, but also an interesting dessert.

At that pkace, you could also write additional information, like "See also: Homlet, an alternative translation of Hamlet".

External links

External links (i.e. pointing to www.something.com/link.html instead of inside the wiki) must only appear under the section "External links". They may not be added in the main text. This could confuse the reader, leading him out of the wiki unintentionally.

Writing about People

Do not confuse people topics with userpages:
  • Please do not change other users' wiki user pages. If you like to describe a person, make an own topic about them.
  • Pay attention to the neutral point of view.
  • Do not add too much personal information, focus on the klingon achievements.
  • Always use real names when talking about people, e.g. describe Qov on the topic Robyn Stewart. This wiki is written from a serious real world point of view, and to show this, Klingon names should be replaced by real names.


The following numbers are generated automatically. Excluding adminstrative pages, there is a current total of

There are 15 english discussions and 27 german discussions about topics.

Help for beginners

Note that WikiWords are deactivated in this wiki because of the Klingon spelling of words like voDleH and QongDaq.

Organisation of this wiki

Each page is attributed to one "category". It's sometimes not so evident which is the right category, but this system makes it easier to browse the wiki. Always try to mark a new page with a category.
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