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Each topic can be given a category.

If you are not sure which one to chose, then take "General". There should be no articles with an empty category.

List of Categories

AppearanceCanonGeneralGrammarHistoryKLIPeoplePhrasesSoftwareStar TrekVocabularyWikiAdministrationRedirectDisambiguation(empty category)

Defining Categories


This category shall obtain anything that cannot be classified to another category, or if in doubt where it should go. Basically, here belongs anything about the Klingon language unless it fits in one of the following categories.


Everything about canon sources, for instance The Klingon Dictionary, Klingon for the Galactic Traveler etc.


Anything considering Klingon Grammar, but also talking about grammar in general: prefixes, verbs.


The history of Klingon is summarized in this category, especially all the years.


The Klingon Language Institute is listed inside this category, as well as any of their projects and events.


This category is made only for "real" existing people, i.e. klingonists, actors, authors etc.


This provides information about famous expressions and idioms.


Here you can find anything about software, being canon or not, including phone apps.

Star Trek

Background information about Star Trek movies, characters, etc.


Explanations on how to use a word or background information where a word may come from.


Boring stuff: pages which are necessary for organizing the wiki. See details on the list of Special Pages.


Pages redirecting to others, like TKW leads to The Klingon Way.


These pages give choices to find pages with similar names.


This collects pages that are missing their proper category.
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