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Formatting conventions

We will try to make every article look very much alike. Basically, since this is some kind of encyclopedia, experienced users of Wikipedia will know what to do.

Basic procedure

To start a topic, its subject is written in bold when it is first mentioned in the article. For example, the article Klingon Language begins:
The Klingon Language was invented by Dr. Marc Okrand for Paramount Studios, ...

Klingon words are written in bold, their translations in italic:
qaja'pu' HIqaghQo' I told you not to interrupt me. (TKD p. 67)

Writing style

Remember this is a database. It contains useful information to teach and learn Klingon. Do not write sentences like "I prefer to say" or "The best part of the book is..." unless you are writing a PersonalOpinion.


Do not use brackets. Either the information is useful, or it is not.

For example, do not write
Canon refers to pronouncements by Marc Okrand (Nobody else can create canon).
But instead you write
Canon refers to pronouncements by Marc Okrand, because nobody else can create canon.

Signing posts

Do not sign your additions to a topic, except in opinion pages or talk pages.


For back-reference and also as a proof of what you said, always try to add the reference where you found an information. To add References, you can use the Footnote-plugin:
  • Inside your text, add the reference in curly brackets, like this {{ note text }}
  • in the "References" section, write %FOOTNOTESLIST%
  • The result will show a (1) into your text and create a references list.

If there is a reference missing that ought to be added, then you can write the macro %CN%. This will generate [citation needed] and will add the topic to the list of topics wanting citations. One should always remember that the use of this code does not mean any critics or doubt, but just means that the page needs improvement.

About Wikilinks / WikiWords

BumbyWords or WikiWords are deactivated in this wiki because of the Klingon use of capital letters in the middle of the word.
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