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What this Wiki is

Goals of this Wiki

This wiki will be the main resource for the Klingon language:
  • Beginners of Klingon may use this to start learning, looking for what they want to know.
  • Speakers of Klingon may use this to look up interesting grammatical questions.
  • Interested visitors may find interesting background infromation around the language.

What this wiki is made for

Teaching Klingon
The main goal for this wiki is to teach the Klingon language and to provide a complete as possible source for learners of that language.

Learning Klingon
You may create new topics that describe everything you need for learning klingon, even basic words like pronoun, prefix or verb.

What this wiki is NOT

This is not a forum
Do not ask questions here. If you need assitance while learning Klingon, join the KLI's Email dissussion group.

This is not a Star Trek Database
Do not write articles about the Klingon history, klingon warriors, ships, food etc, unless they are related to the Klingon language. If you like writing about Klingons, we suggest pages like Memory Alpha.

This is not a dictionary
Do not write lists of vocabulary, no matter how short they are. Exceptions might be pages that explain how to use those, like words to tell time oder words for counting.
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