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18 Klingon phrases that will save your life one day

On 06 September 2016, released an article with the above title, showing 18 Klingon phrases.(1) The Sentences were collected by Klingonist Joseph Windsor.


# Klingon Provided pronunciation Translation
1 quSDaq ba'lu''a' qus.dak 'baz.luz.'zaz Is this seat taken?
2 jIjatlh ji.'jax Speak
3 pe'vIl mu'qaDmey 'pez.vil 'muz.kad.mey Curse well!
4 nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e' 'nuk.dak zoh puc.paz.zez Where's the bathroom?
5 nuqDaq 'oH tach'e' 'nuk.dak zoh tac.zez Where's the bar?
6 tera'ngan Soj lujab'a' soj lu.jab.zaz Do they serve Earth food?
7 qut na' HInob kut naz hi.nob Give me the salty crystals
8 qagh Sopbe' kag sop.bez He doesn't eat gagh.
9 HIja / ghobe' hi.jaz go.bez Yes/No
10 Dochvetlh vIneH doc.'vex vi.neh I want that thing!
11 Hab SoSlI' Quch hab sos.liz quc Your mother has a smooth forehead!
12 nuqjatlh nuk.jax What did you say?
13 jagh yIbuStaH jag yi.bus.tah Concentrate on the enemy!
14 Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam heg.luz.meh qaq jaj.vam Today is a good day to die
15 qaStaH nuq jay' kas.tah nuq jayz What the #$*@ is happening?
16 wo' batlhvaD woz bax.vad For the honor of the Empire!
17 tlhIngan maH mah We are Klingon!
18 Qapla' qap.laz Success!


Aside from two typos, the phrases are all grammtically correct and not just standard phrases copied from the book. The usage of the IPA symbols showing the pronunciation is well done and mostly correct. One replacement proverb that had been discovered at qep'a' 21 in 2014 shows the actuality of the phrases.

Phrase #3 is incomplete, it should be pe'vIl mu'qaDmey tIbach.


1 : 18 Klingon phrases that will save your life one day on, published 06 Sep 2016

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