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25th anniversary Special Title.jpg
Opening titles for the Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special

25th anniversary Special Okrand.jpg
Marc Okrand, 1991

Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special

The title 25th Anniversary Special refers to a 90-minute documentary aired by the United Paramount Network (UPN) on September 28 1991, at the occassion of the 25th anniverary of Star Trek. At that time, UPN was the American television network who had the rights to air the Star Trek franchise.

At about 59:20 of the show, Spock actor Leonard Nimoy starts talking about "a recently published book entirely devoted to the Klingon language", obviously referring to The Klingon Dictionary. He proceeds by telling that "if Spock wanted to say a known farewell in Klingon, he'd say yItaH 'ej yIcheptaH, or Live long and prosper." Although not confirmed, it is quite possible that Okrand may have given him the translation. On the other hand, Okrand used a different translation in the Radio Times magazine which appeared five years later.

Few minutes later, Marc Okrand himself appears in an interview, talking about how he had trouble translating the phrase To be or not to be for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, because there exists no verb to be. In this interview, Okrand is labeled as "Star Trek" Linguist.

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