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Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Klingon Challenge

A card from the game
A Klingon Challenge is an interactive video boardgame published by Decipher in 1993. The players try to stop a Klingon destroying the Enterprise D.

On the included VHS tape, Robert O'Reilly played the Klingon Kavok, who prompts the players to perform actions to impede the players. Only one card has a Klingon word on it: the card bIj (punish), which usually causes problems to the player. Kavok appears once in a while on the video and speaks a few klingon words.

Spoken Klingon

The pronunciation of the Klingon is very bad. It is easy to see that Robert O'Reilly didn't receive coaching by Okrand like he did for the language lab on the klingon Klingon CD, because there he pronounces everything correctly.

time index heard translation notes
03:50 tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'? Do you speak klingon? Directly from TKD
08:18 mev Stop!
09:47 mev ... veQDuj 'oH DujlIj'e' Your ship is a garbage transporter. Directly from TKD
11:30 mev
13:20 bIj
14:32 mev
16:05 bIj
17:39 mev ... bIj
19:06 mev ...I will call you SuvwI' I will call you warrior.
20:40 mev ... Duj tIvoqtaH Always trust your instincts.
22:35 ghuycha' (Curse)
23:59 SuvwI' ... bIj
25:22 mev ... bIj
27:00 mev ... jol yIchu'
27:38 quSDaq ba'lu''a'? Is this chair occupied? Directly from TKD
28:40 mev
31:31 mev ... bIj
32:23 mev
33:40 mev ... (bIj, on screen)
34:50 SuvwI'? ... qagh
36:08 qagh ... bIj ... batlh Daqawlu'taH You will be remembered with honor. Quote from ST3
37:05 mev
38:04 Qu'vatlh (Curse)
38:56 mev
40:05 bIj
41:18 puj
42:10 mev
43:09 puj ... bIj
44:41 mev
45:52 petaQ
46:46 mev ... bIj
47:49 mev (bIj, on screen: BIJ)
48:50 mev
49:55 mev
51:40 puj ... bIj weak
52:16 qagh ... bIj
53:00 mev
53:40 SuvwI' ... bIj
54:28 petaQ
55:19 mev


A cooperation with Marc Okrand is not known. In the video Ronald D. Moore and Dave Rossi are given credit as "Klingon language advisors".


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