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A Klingon Christmas Carol

Cover of the book
A Klingon Christmas Carol is a play by Christopher Kidder-Mostrom and Sasha Warren, translated by Chris Lipscombe in 2007 and published as a book in 2014. This play is a re-construction of the original Klingon story, tlhIngan ram nI' bom ("Klingon song of the long night"), upon which Charles Dickens based his very well-known novella A Christmas Carol.

Performance History

The play was first performed on Dec 8, 2007, in St Paul, Minnesota, and it has played every year since then in St Paul; Chicago, Illinois; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Washington, DC; and Cincinnati, Ohio. The play was expanded in 2010 with a refreshed translation by Chris Lipscombe. (1) The rehearsal process stressed proper pronunciation and also included a 2 day crash course in Klingon grammar.

Washington Performance

A special performance was done on December 15th 2014 by the Washington Shakespeare Company Avant Bard including a special guest appearance of Marc Okrand, playing Scrooge (2)
Actor Personage
Adam R. A. Adkins SQuja' Qup (Young Scrooge) / meb (Guest)
Frank Britton vreD (Fred)
Christian M. A. Campbell wIlqInS (Dick Wilkins) / SuvwI' (Warrior)
Nick DePinto Narrator
Jay Hardee Huch qoy'wI' (Money Collector) / veSIwIq (Fezziwig)
Melissa Hmelnicky Huch qoy'wI' (Money Collector) / Qe'pa (A Youth)
Katie Jeffries SuvwI' (Warrior)
Lily Kerrigan bel (Belle) / SaHHa'ghach (Apathy)
Casey Leffue SuvwI' (Warrior) / meb (Guest)
Briana Manente marDa' (Martha Cratchit) / Qob (A Youth)
Matthew Marcus QachIt (Bob Cratchit) / loDHom (Boy)
Charlene V. Smith DaHjaj qeylIS qa' (Ghost of Kahless Present)
Jos. B. Musumeci, Jr. marlI' (Jacob Marley)
Emily Ocasio pIq qeylIS qa' (Ghost of Kahless Yet-to-Come)
Ethan Ocasio tImHom (Tiny Tim)
Aubri O'Connor Suy (Weapon Merchant)
Marc Okrand SQuja' (Scrooge)
Amal Saade 'emlI' (Mrs. Cratchit) / marja' (Mrs. Fred)
Duyen Washington van (Fannie) / quvHa'ghach (Corruption) / ngevwI' (Seller)
Rachel Wyman ben qeylIS qa' (Ghost of Kahless Past)

Klingon language

For this book, the author got support from some experienced klingonists. Marc Okrand has performed the role of SQuja' (see above), so his tacit approval of the translation is assumed, although he has pointed out that there were "some things wrong" in the translation (3). He was not clear about the kind of mistakes and may be referring to some intentionally built-in mistakes. He may also be referring to a few changes he made due to casting choices that deviated from the plays expected characters (gender changes, etc) leading to lines that were "wrong" (4). Okrand has also provided program notes for various productions of this play. [citation needed]

Some names in the play appear to be non-grammatical - SQuja', vreD, and wIlqInS - using unusual consonant clusters. It can only be assumed that these are older or regional names, or perhaps were created by the original author for sonic effect.



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3 : Message from Rachel Wyman to Lieven L. Litaer, 23 Jan 2015

4 : Conversation at qep'a' cha'maH cha'DIch between Okrand and Lipscombe

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