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Agnieszka Solska

Agnieszka Solska (Klingon name: 'ISqu') is an experienced Klingon speaker from Sosnowiec, Poland. She holds the KLCP rank of po'wI' (expert). Outside of Klingon language studies, Agnieszka is a lecturer in linguistics and teacher of English at the University of Silesia, Poland. (1)

Klingon language achievements

She has translated Tao Te Ching directly from the original Chinese version into Klingon, and is currently (2015) engaged in a similar translation of the original Chinese version of The Art of War. She is one of the few Klingonists who learned Klingon before she knew a lot about Star Trek(2).

She appeared in the documentary about Klingon called Earthlings. (3)

Winner of the Great Zeugma Contest and the Great Pangram Contest in HolQeD; See MOVED TO... Wordplay Contest.

Translated by The Power of Words by Edgar Allan Poe.

Wrote an article about metaphors in Klingon (4)

Wrote several articles in Qo'noS QonoS.

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1 : Profile of Agnieskza Solska on University of Silesia (in polish)

2 : Interview by Saar TV during qepHom Saarbrücken III 2004

3 : IMDb entry

4 : HolQeD 10:3, p. 8-12

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