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Alexander T. Greene is a klingonist from Hightown in Wrexham, Wales, Great Britain.(1) Since 1996, he is reluctantly but regularly active on the mailing list of the KLI, very often seen under the name "Fiat Knox". He is one of the most experienced Klingon speakers in Great Britain.

Klingon projects

  • Had a blog with the name tlhIngan paQDI'norgh (klingon teachings) until 2015. In it he introduced the Klingon language and presented news about it.
  • Has a blog called "The Daily Klingon" (2), where he posts daily various facts of the Klingon language; containing small tests (qaDHommey), klingon phrases and various news.
  • In July of 2016 he published a klingon poem on YouTube, written in remembrance of the deceased actor Anton Yelchin: SuvwI' (warrior) (3). This video is a supplement to an already existing poem called "Companion, Partner", which another user on YouTube had published. He recited the poem in Klingon at the premiere of Star Trek Beyond at the cinema in its hometown Wrexham.
  • His poem qu' logh'e' was set to music Bangor Music Festival which took place on February 2nd - 3rd 2018. (4)
  • He has coached the staff of the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2018 to speak Klingon, so everyone who would order a ticket in Klingon would get free admittance. (5)
  • Is listed as a Klingon teacher in (6)

Why Klingon?

2009 Greene wrote, he is learning klingon, because... (7)

Because while the written word and mathematics ushered in civilisation, the spoken word - language - was the sign of the dawn of sentience.


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