Alexa ist the digital assistant that is integrated into Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Unlike Cortana, Alexa does not speak a single klingon phrase. But if you ask her: "Alexa, do you speak Klingon?", she answers with one of the following sentences (1):

Number Answer
1 I speak Klingon, but only to other Klingons.
2 I'll speak Klingon when the Klingons learn to respect Federation borders.
3 I don't speak Klingon because I'm contracted only to operate in Federation space

According to the German version of Alexa, there is at least one or even more answers. They seem to be added subsequently, since there was only one phrase in the beginning, and more appeared later.

Klingon dictionary

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In January 2017, Chris Lipscombe programmed a "skill" (additional features that can be installed) for Alexa that allows users to acces a Klingon dictionary function through voice command. It also allows to fetch random Klingon proverbs, to lookup the Klingon Word of the Day, and to learn more about Klingons and the Klingon language. It does not provide translations of long sentences. The content was provided by Hol 'ampaS, the Klingon Assault Group's language academy.

It only works from English to Klingon because Alexa's voice recognition does not understand Klingon. The words are all spoken by the voice of David Yonge-Mallo, because the audio files of his boQwI' translator app are being used.

  • Alexa, ask Klingon dictionary to translate XXX
  • Alexa, ask Klingon dictionary to give me a proverb
  • Alexa, tell me the Klingon word of the day
  • Alexa, tell me about the Klingon language
  • Alexa, tell me about Klingons
  • Alexa, tell me about the Klingon Empire

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1 : 27 of the best Easter Eggs for Amazon’s Echo, retrieved on 25 Dec 2016

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