Most vs. All

The noun Hoch is translated as "everyone, all, everything" in TKD(1). The word can be combined with the appropriate suffixes and change their meaning depending on their relative ordering. The word HochHom is translated as "most, greater part" in KGT.(2)


Klingon Translation Analysis Source Note
Hoch everyone, all, everything noun TKD
HochHom most noun + diminutive suffix KGT
HochDIch the "allth" noun + ordinal suffix KGT
Hochlogh always, each times noun + cardinal suffix KGT, p. 178

Basic rules

  • If the noun following Hoch is plural, then the translation is "all the...".
  • If the following oun is singular, it is translated as "each ...". (3)
  • When HochHom follows a noun, it is translated as "most of":
    wa'DIch tlhIngan Dujmey luleghlu'pu'bogh rur qItI'nga' Duj. tera' vatlh DIS poH cha'maH wej HochHom lo'lu'taH.
    Similar in configuration to the first Klingon vessels encountered, the K'Tinga-Class remained in use for most of the 23rd century.(4)
  • Hoch is used to form a superlative and fills the slot of the "largest" quality, i.e. in the pattern A Q law' Hoch Q puS.


may' ngeb tIv Hoch.
Everyone enjoys a mock battle. CK

Hoch vor Dargh wIb.
Sour tea cures everything. CK

Hoch DaSopbe'chugh batlh bIHeghbe'.
Eat everything or you will die without honor. PK

QI'tomerDaq Heghpu' Hoch.
No one survived Khitomer ("Everyone died at Khitomer") TKW

rut yIHmey ghom Hoch.
Everyone encounters tribbles occasionally. TKW

HochvaD pung Hutlh qul.
Flames have no mercy for anyone. PB

la' jaq law' Hoch jaq puS.
The commander is boldest of all. TKD


1 : The Klingon Dictionary, p. 88

2 : Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, p. 216

3 : HolQeD, 5.2, p. 11

4 : SkyBox Card #15

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