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Amikumu is the name of an app planned to be released on March 2017. The purpose of the app is to let people learning and/or teaching a language find each other easily, so it may be helpful for Klingon language students and speakers. (1)


On March 28, 2018, Amikumu made an announcement on Facebook entirely in Klingon to acquire Klingon speakers. (2) The message was translated by André Müller. Aside from a small prefix error, the text is very well written.

DaH Amikumu vey chu' luSuqlaH Android lo'wI'pu'.

chu' Dochmeyvetlh:

'evnagh Se': 'evnagh Se'Daq QInmey Sum DabejmeH Hol DawIvlaH. QInmey luqonmeH wa' Hol lulo'chugh qabDu' law'qu', vaj yoS mach neH QInmey DabejlaH. wa' Hol lulo'chugh nuv puS, vaj QInmey Hop DalaDlaH je. bIqeqmeH 'ej HolmeylIj DalaDmeH mIw pup 'oH! wanI'mey Sum DabejlaH 'ej juppu' chu'vaD bIjatlhchoHlaH.

janDaq 30+ Holmey: Hol DamaSbogh yIper, ghIq jan yIlo'.

Deghmey chu' yIboS: wanI' 'olchugh Amikumu, bIjeSDI', vaj chongqu'bogh Deghmey chu' DaHev 'ej talIjDaq nargh bIH.

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1 : qatlh Amikumu vIghaqta'? Blog of André Müller about Amikumu, written 5 November 2016

2 : Post on amikumu Facebook on 28 March 2018

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