Andrew Strader

Andrew Strader, using the Klingon name ghuy'Do wa', has been a Klingonist since age 14, soon after the inception of the KLI. His enthusiasm for Klingon derived from an interest in all languages. He was on the software developer career tract for some time, but planned to return to school for a doctorate in linguistics after the industry world leaves him completely enriched or disillusioned (whichever comes first).

He participated in the Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project in the co-translation of Hamlet with Nick Nicholas.

In his spare time, when he is not busy seeking out ways to get his m4d sk1LLz employed, he is developing which will feature interactive language learning exercises and tutorials. Yes, a Klingon tutorial is in the works first there.(1)

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1 : some of this information may not be up to date anymore

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