Klingon on Apple

Mac Settings
In Apple computers, there is a possibility to change the preferred language to Klingon. This setting seems to have no effect on the system, nor on the system language nor on the displayed messages. It's probably just a joke, or it only affects software which is really capable of using Klingon.

How to get it

To change the setting on your Mac to Klingon, go to "System Preferences" > "Language & Region" and, under the "Preferred Languages" box, click the "+"-button. Then scroll down, until you find tlhIngan Hol.(1) (2)

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1 : Tired of using English on your Mac? Try Klingon!, by Tom Hesser, 6 February 2014

2 : Your Mac Does Klingon, Qapla’! 5 February 2014

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