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Star Trek Discovery Art Department Shirt

ArtDepartmentShirt front.jpg
front view of the shirt

rush cover.jpg
Cover of Rush album
The art department of Star Trek: Discovery has designed a T-shirt which was given away only to their department members, and few friends. It is not available in public.(1)

The front of the shirt shows the word Qapla' written in pIqaD, using a slight variation of the Discovery font designed by Andy Tsang. Below of the word Qapla', one can see the back of a naked Klingon holding up a Bat'leth with the Federation delta in the background. That image is a reference to the cover of the "2112" album of the Canadian music group Rush, which shows a similar person in front of a big star.

The back of the shirt shows the production code used for Star Trek: Discovery, "Green Harvest"(2), plus some of the dates of the production steps. That was a side kick to "Blue Harvest", which was the code name used by George Lucas for Return of the Jedi.

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1 : Information coming from Star Trek author David Mack, who told this to Lieven L. Litaer at German Comic Con Berlin, October 20, 2018

2 : code name for new Star Trek series confirmed on RedshirtsAlwaysDie, published 2016

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