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This is a list of Beginners' Grammarians, which can be displayed on BG's pages.


NOTE: The second term of Barbara Dobelbower is not listed in here, because this is a list of BGs, not a list of terms. Nevertheless, the numbering in the infobox does take HoD trI'Qal's second term into account, to accurately reflect the number of terms served in the BG program.
Beginners' Grammarian of the KLI
1. Barbara Dobelbower • 2. d'Armond Speers • 3. Will Martin • 4. Randall Franklin • 5. Alan Anderson • 7. David Trimboli • 8. Robyn Stewart • 9. Eric Andeen • 10. Tad Stauffer • 11. Roger Cheesbro • 12. Lieven L. Litaer • 13. Scott Willis • 14. Rhona Fenwick • 15. Terrence Donnelly • 16. John Harness


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