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ghu paqHom wa'DIch: Baby's First Little Book

ghu paqHom wa'DIch: Baby's First Little Book is the title of a book written by J. Paul Brettle. Besides of the standard book details, not much is known about it. The book has only 10 pages, with 12 illustrations (1). Some pages label the book as paperback, while others claim it only to be available as ebook. The book is not available anymore (2)

Klingon analysis

The phrase ghu paqHom wa'DIch really means what it wants to say: "the baby's first little book". Most websites capitalize the words, changing it to "Ghu PaqHom Wa'Dich".


Publisher Blue Shift Press
Language Klingon
Pages 10
ISBN 978-1-90120-600-5
Size unknown/ (ebook?)
Kind Softcover
Release date 01 october 1996


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