Bat'leth - Sword of Honor

The Bat'leth (klingon spelling betleH) is one of the best known klingon weapons. The modern version has two spikes on both ends and a plain blade between those ends, while the original Kahless-Bat'leth has got an additional spike in the middle and two additional spikes on the side of the grip.

History of origins

  1. First there was the english word "sword of honor"
  2. Translated correctly from the TKD as batlh 'etlh for the TNG-episode "Reunion"
  3. Wrong written in the script as bat'telh
  4. Pronounced even worse by actors as "bat-leth"
  5. Adapted as betleH by Marc Okrand in the addendum of TKD
  6. In KGT betleH is described as an ancient version of batlh 'etlh. English spelling bat'leth. (1)

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1 : Klingon for the Galactic Traveler

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