Beginners Guide

Since the Klingon language wiki is completely set up as a beginners guide, all of the pages are useful fo starters of the Klingon language. This page explains the first steps to begin with.

First preparation

Audio sources


  • Much detailed information is found in the KLI's HolQeD, but that's usually more advanced level grammar so not suitable for beginners.
  • Browsing this wiki will answer a lot of questions as well. A good starting pint is the page How do I say...?.


  • A good way to memorize words - for some people - is to color the words in your book according to word type. See Coloring words.
  • If you use an android phone, get the dictionary app boQwI'.
  • Join Memrise and start learning the words in the KLCP one list.

Getting in contact

  • If you like to learn and use Klingon in personal contact, consider visiting a qep'a' in the USA or the qepHom in Germany, or try to find out if there is a qepHom nearby your area. Note: You don't need to be an expert to visit such an event.
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