There are many people who believe that Klingons do belch a lot. Actually, this is a very bad misinterpretation of only two situations:

  • In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, there is Korrd, an old klingon who has fallen in disgrace and drinks too much alcohol.
  • The other scene is from the TNG episode "Genesis", where Worf is infected by the Genesis-Virus and is not himself anymore. (1)

Considering the fact that both of these scenes show non-standard scenes, one cannot assume that burping is a common use among klingons.


The klingon word for belch is ruq. (2)


Please report if there exist other situations that prove that klingon do enjoy belching.


1 : Worf burping on YouTube

2 : HolQeD 12:4, December 2003

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