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Benny Lewis

Benny Lewis (calling himself "Benny the Irish polyglot") is a YouTube-blogger with over 52,000 followers who makes videos in documentary-style outlook on some of his experiences and the people he has met. He also makes language learn videos and enjoys learning languages, including Klingon. (1)

"Klingon spoken tour of my home"

Video screenshot
In September 2011 he uploaded a video showing his home where he talks about his new house in Klingon, wearing a klingon costume(2). There are only few pronunciation mistakes, but the klingon grammar is absolutely correct, including very new words released in the same year with the release of paq'batlh. He writes that he created the video "with some help". In a Facebook message, he mentioned that the text was translated by Robyn Stewart. (3)


Klingon Subtitles Comment
juHwIj Sa'ang I will show you my home Based on the nentay phrase; Using the prefix trick
qaStaHvIS wa' jar naDev vIDabtaH I am living here for one month
DIvI' qep'a' tlhIngan Hol laHwIj vIDubtaHvIS While I improve my klingon language level for the convention pronouncing qep as Qep
naDev vutpa' tu'lu' 'ej... This is the kitchen and...
naDev jIQong This is where I sleep pronouncing Q as H
juHvam wovqu'moHmo' jul tIH jIbel Much light enters this home and I like it
Ha', Ha'... Come...
naDev yaHwIj tu'lu' Here is my battle station
'oH retlhDaq leSmeH pa' bolegh In this area besides you, we have the battle training room.
pa' jabbI'IDmey vIbej There, I watch data transmissions
HurDaq may'DujwIj bolegh You can see my battle cruiser outside
may' vISuvrupDI' vIchIj It is ready for me to navigate it to battle
juHwIj Sa'angta'mo' choquvmoHbej You greatly honor me from letting me show you my home!
Qapla' Success! pronouncing Q as H


1 : User page Irishpolyglot on YouTube

2 : Klingon spoken tour of my home on YouTube, by Benny Lewis, uploaded 26 Sep 2011

3 : Facebook comment of 17 May 2016

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