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TBBT KlingonBoggle.jpg
Screenshot from The Big Bang Theory

Klingon Boggle Dice.jpg
Klingon Boggle Dice by Chris Lipscombe
Boogle is a game of letters, where each player tries to construct words from provided characters. The game contains 16 dice with a character on each side. After rolling the dice those are arranged in a 4x4 square and the players have a certain amount of time to build words with at least 3 characters. The longer the words are, the more points the players achieve.

The Big Bang Theory

The game in a Klingon context became known through the TV-series The Big Bang Theory, where in one episode the main characters play a Klingon version of Boggle (1). During that episode, a copy of the Klingon Dictionary was seen. An analysis of the dice can be found in the internet (2).


Chris Lipscombe implemented a Klingon version of an electronic Boggle game (3), but it was removed from the Hol 'ampaS website due to bugs. It is only viewable in the web archive and there it only produces error messages (4), due to the lack of needed components on the server. He also created a physical set of Klingon Boggle dice based on the same calculations.

The French software engineer Guillame Gérard and his study companion Julien Guépin developed a Klingon version in Java, available as download under the GPL3-license (5). The dictionary embedded in the source code contains 359 Klingon words in total. The game uses pIqaD.

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