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The "Speculative Grammarian" is a english, satirical online magazine about linguistics.

In the issue of march 2007 (ISSN 1938-0720) they published an article by Stovepipe Wells-Jensen with the title *A Braille Orthography for tlhIngan*(1).

The article suggests two different systems for a klingon Braille-Font: Earth Normalized (EN) and Streamlined Galactic (SG). Both systems work with Braille signs, consisting of six dots each, distributed among 2 columns and 3 rows.

Earth Normalized

The Earth Normalized system is – according to the article – very similar to the Braille system of the earth. It is easy to recognize that klingon characters, consisting of multiple latin characters, are multiple characters in Earth Normalized, too. Also, a special symbol is put in front of a capitilized letter to mark it as capitalized.

The author reports that this system is mainly used on earth.

Streamlined Galactic

The system Streamlined Galactic differs from Earth Normalized mainly through the fact that for each klingon character there is exactly one Braille character. Also the indication for capitalization is not needed.

Punctuation marks

For dot, comma, exclamation mark, question mark and parentheses, there are Braille marks for each one.

Putting the characters on paper and skin

The description of the fonts is followed by a satirical description how to put those characters on paper. The description reaches from a special typewriter to a portable pen. Also, tatooing of the Braille characters is described.


The article closes with an exercise: A klingon section in the Streamlined Galactic system.


The article - disregarding the satirical nature - describes a possible way for a klingon Braille font, where both systems come close to the latin-form and the pIqad-form of the klingon language.

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1 : A Braille Orthography for tlhIngan, retrieved 30th July 2016


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