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Broadcast Klingon

This page lists broadcast Klingon or on screen used Klingon, basically from the first episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Most of it is probably Paramount Hol, i.e. non-canon Klingon invented by script writers, while some of the phrases are based on The Klingon Dictionary, but written incorrectly in the script. Simple mentions of names or places are not shown here.

This list was first compiled by Susan Farmer (aka tevram) and published in the email discussion forum in 1995.(1) This means that it's missing those episodes that were aired after. For Klingon spoken in Star Trek: Discovery, see Dialogues of Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Episode as written in script corrected tlhIngan Hol translation note
Where no one Has Gone Before targ targh -
Angel One night blooming thrognI' x -
Heart Of Glory o'mat - gri - t'm - pffiots {orders from replicator and gets ale} x -
r'oiaro {and Konmel nods in agreement} x -
k'omgi bimogus {Worf speaks to Klingon Captain} x -
g'armond t'ris {he answers} x -
A Matter Of Honor heart of targ targh tIq -
pipius claw pIpyuS pach -
gagh qagh -
bregit lungs bIreQtagh -
rokeg blood pie ro'qegh 'Iwchab -
yI-Har-Qo! nep-we' ghaH! (do not believe him, he lies) yIHarQo'. nepwI' ghaH. -
Hol-chaj yI-jatlh (speak in their language) Holchaj yIjatlh. -
The Measure of a Man The Dream of the Fire by K'Ratak qul naj see The Klingon Art of War
The Icarus Factor bro tah mag plondare seplick (in pron. guide only) x -
Tez mrot weilz konpadam (One is always of his tribe) x -
DaHjaj SuvwI''e' jIH. tIqwIj Sa'angnIS. 'Iw bIQtIqDaq jIjaH. - See nentay
jIbechrup may' vIloS x [I am ready to suffer battle. I wait for them] -
HIHIvqa' HIHIvqa' Attack me again! -
may'pequ' moH x -
Up the Long Ladder rop'ngor - -
chech'tluth chechtlhutlh -
The Emissary nuqneH nuqneH See Hello
tlhIngan jIH tlhIngan jIH I am a klingon -
qaleghneS qaleghneS I am honored to see you -
The Bonding R'uustai (the bonding) ruStay -
SoS jIH batlh SoH SoS, qaquvmoH. Mother, I honor you -
The Defector tozah toDSaH -
pathk petaQ -
Sins Of The Father mev yap (that is enough) mevyap -
cha'DIch (second) x -
jIlajneS (I accept) x -
ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj (may your enemies run with fear) x -
Qapla' (success) x -
kut'luch (ceremonial weapon of assassin) qutluch -
Mek'ba meqba' -
Len'mat (recess) x -
ghojmoK (nurse/nanny) qhojmoq -
seloh (sex) - -
tam (be quiet) tam -
patahk petaQ -
Ha'DIbah (animal) Ha'DIbaH -
tlhIH ghIj jIHyoj (I fear your judgement) x -
bIHnuch (coward) x -
Reunion Qab jIH nagil (face me if you dare) qab jIH ngIl -
Sonchi (he is dead) SonchIy -
jIH dok (my blood) jIH Doq (?) -
maj dok (our blood) maj Doq (?) -
ja'chuq, old challenge for succession ja'chuq -
ha'DIbah (animal) Ha'DIbaH -
mev yap (stop) mevyap retconned in KGT
bat'telh betleH -
jIH DoQ batlh (I claim the honor) batlh vIDoQ. -
Devil's Due Fek'lhr guardian of Gre'thor veqlargh -
Night Terrors x -
lujpu' jiH'e Alexandrijn jIlujpu' jIH, Alexander I have failed Alexander -
The Drumhead Ba'ltmasor syndrome - -
The Minds Eye Fe'l Kina sal B'aka {in pron. guide only} x this may be Romulan
Gurt'ank te'la {activates communicator, speaks, transports} x -
K'adlo (thank you) qatlho' See Thank you
Q'ac ken ta'vak {Vagh to guards} x -
Qapla' x -
Qu'vath guy'cha b'aka Qu'vatlh, ghay'cha', baQa' -
tah-keck {you speak the lies of a *} taHqeq -
Redemption x -
Qapla Qapla' -
naDev ghoS (come here) naDev ghoS -
Qaja plu d'itch jung. La woq yon ghir klas qimha. Doj hon. x Picard's response to the High Council when asked if he's made his decision regarding succession.
hakt'em x {Gowron, son of M'Rel, *}
Yintagh yIntagh insult
len'mat (adjourned) x -
Gnow juk Hol pajhard (Klingon law of Heredity) x -
GhoS (make it so) ghoS -
SuH (ready) SuH -
BaH (fire!) baH -
Redemption II ghoS (do it!) ghoS -
DaH (now) DaH -
baktag x appears to be an insult
Qapla' Qapla' -
Unification Hechu' ghos (set course) He chu' ghoS follow a new course -
jatlh (speak) jatlh speak -
So'wI'chu' So'wI' chu' activate cloaking device -
Unification II Aktua and Melota 'aqtu' mellota' je Aktuh and Melota -
Power Play jat'yIn (the taking of the living by the dead) x -
Ethics Hegh'bat - ritual suicide Heghbat -
brak'lul - duplication of organs bIraqlul Braklul
VeK'tal response x -
Cause and Effect nIb'poH (klingon deja vu) nIbpoH -
Birthright rite of MajQa in the lava caves on No'mat x -
van'aj javDIch Qong DIr Sa'VIch x -
ghIH yot quelI'Pa qevas HoH Qa ... x -
teblaw'nghu mughato'Du x -
ylja'Qo' ylja'Qo' ylja'Qo' x -
ghoS (come) x -
vang ghaH (take him) x -
Birthright II Gin'tak spear x -
bagh Da tuHmoh. ChojaH duh rHo. x -
ylja'Qo' ylja'Qo' ylja'Qo' x -
van'aj javDIch Qong DIr Sa'VIch x -
ghIH yot quelI'Pa qevas HoH Qa x -
Mok'bara - tai chi x -
D'k tahg - ceremonial dagger x -
Jinaq - amulet given to daughter of mating age x -
Ka'la x -
Qa'vak - game with the hoop x -
Bagh Da tuHmoh (fire streaks the heavens) x -
ChojaH Duh rHo (battle has begun) x -
ylja'Qo' ylja'Qo' ylja'Qo x -
van'aj javDIch Qong DIr Sa'VIch x -
ghIh yot quelI'Pa qevas HoH Qa x -
teblaw'nghu mughato'Du x -
ylja'Qo ylja'Qo ylja'Qo x -
The Chase pahk x -
B'aht Qul challenge x -
Wa' x -
cha' x -
Wej x -
Maw'tok x -
Toh-pah {you incompetant *} x -
pah-tak petaQ -
Tash-koh-tah {We die together, Brother. *} x -
Rightful Heir torva luk do shell x -
Sto-Vo-Kor - life beyond this life Suto'vo'qor See StoVoKor
Boreth x where the followers of Kahless wait
bat'leth - sword of honor betleH See Bat'leth
vorcha-doh-baghk (All hail) x -
E'Gok (begin) x -
B'nok faction x -
Kristat volcano x -
city of Quin'lat x -
knife of Kirom x -
Second Chances x -
KoH-man-ara block of the mok'bara x -
Parallels Cha Worf Toh'gah-nah lo Pre'tOk x -
Cha Worf Toh'gah-nah lo Pre'tOk x -
Cha Worf Toh'gah-nah lo Pre'tOk x -
Tu Mak Dagh Cha doh Borak x -
Soh-chIm (surrogate mother) SoS chIm (?) -
First Born Kor'tova candle x -
festival of Kot'baval x -
Bok'ta ku'mo (over here) {talking to street vendor} x -
Nok'tar be'got hosh'ar te'not ("he is asking if anyone else will have the courage to stand up to Molor") x -
Ki'rock Molor, ki'rock {Worf answers} x -
Ni'tokor bak'to (a battle cry) x -
Ba'jak tu'mo x -
O'tak tu'ro x -
Jik'ta (you have wounded me!) x -
Nok'til Kahless. Molor gik'tal x Kahless sings
Ni'lot Kahless x -
darseks - currency DarSeq -
K'pla Qapla' -
gin'tak to the House of Mogh advisor who is made part of the family x -
Koh'manara block, koh'bala pivot, pak'ara thrust x -
ko'tal {derogatory] x -
Po'tajg (well done) x -
training academy on Ogat x -
ya'nora kor {challenge to Worf's fitness to raise Alexander} x -
Ge'ko... kafa'la (it's true. How can this be?) x -
Ji'ko to'val x -
gir'nak tovo'sor x -
Bet'ala nog'tor (look at this) x -
P'tak petaQ -

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Blood Oath

Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt x -
Battlda-Kow-loo-takh. DaH Hegh (You will be remembered with honor. Now die.) batlh Daqawlu'taH. DaH Hegh.] -
Khhap-LA! ShuusH-kin'Hurra! (Success!) Qapla' (?) -
chay'pen Aha'bA (what's going on?) x -
ar got k'nel d'kulluh marg rah gol looooow!!! (senseless threatening roar) x -
k'pekt {derogatory -- you Ferengi *} x -
Dhahar Master of the Klingons x -
wIj jup (my old friend???) {wIj jup... my old friend} jupwI' my friend this strange gammar is explained in KGT
B'aski't Kor, B'askr'ip Kor, KoHman-a-ti, B'aski't Kor x -
ghoptu {I lift my * to Curzon Dax} x -
QiVon {your left * aches} qIvon -
Kyamo-looking woman x -
K'akturak Ice man x -
Bahgol - saki-like cup of juice x -
klorn {klorn of ale} x -
racht - food x -
gamzian wine {this is something Quark serves ... may not be Klingon} x -
majQa' well done x -
Ha'DIbaH (animal) x -
t'ooho'mIrah{why do you dismiss her like some useless *} x -
kajunpak't {no one had the * to show his back to the great Kang} qajunpaQ KGT
N'yengoren strategy x -
kah'plakt Qapla' Succes -
d'k tahg knives and bat'leths x -
Ki-naH-naH, lo-maytoo; Ki-nah-nah, lo-maytaH; ko-no-ma... x -
Ko-no-mayy... {Klingon funeral dirge} x -

House of Quark

blood wine x -
mak'dar {you pathetic *} x -
Q'apla (success) Qapla' -
Cho'Echu (energize) jol yIchu' -
Krono x -
pahtak petaQ -
Go'Eveh... lu cha wabeh... Mo ka re'Chos {she says} x -
Go'Eveh... lu cha wabeh... To va re'Luk {he says} x -
Ghos ma'lu Kah {officiator says} x -
brek'tal ritual {an honored widow's right} x -
mev'yap! (shut up) x -
GhoS cha Ko (bring him) x -
DaH (now) x -
Yej rhin (council is adjourned) yej rIn (?) -
N'Gos tlhogh cha (our marriage is done) ghoS tlhogh (?) -
Q'Apla Qapla' -


Season 2, episode 6, at 15:09 - The lines from this dialogue are surely Paramount Hol, i.e. without any meaning. Few of the food items were teconned by Okrand in KGT. The given translations of the phrases are from the script.
Speaker Closed captions translation from script note
chef Gagh Tek Or. What'll it be?
Bashir Shall I order for us both?
Melora All right.
Bashir Let's see we'll have some racht of course.
chef Racht. raHta' KGT
A handful of worms plonked onto a plate
Bashir And a double order of gladst. No sauce please.
chef Gladst... usu bal. tlhatlh, 'uSu' KGT
Bashir And a side order of zilm'kach. Is that too much for two?
chef Zilm'kach. tlhImqaH KGT
(He puts some apricot pieces on the plate and hands it over.)
chef Drak doo.
Melora May I?
Bashir hands over the plate to Melora.
Bashir Don't be alarmed.
(She fondles the worms.)
Melora Excuse me, Julian, I can't eat this.
Bashir I know how it looks but...
Melora P'kar tel Durg Le Frakn'l? You call this live?
chef Dug a bul, rah'tar! What's your problem, lady?
Melora D'tel klop a bul! This slop you call food is the problem!
chef Pak't pol! If you don't like it, don't eat it!
Melora D'kar tel G'denna! I want to see the blood running through the veins.
chef I like a customer who knows what she wants.
He takes back the plate, throws it over his shoulder and holds out a fistful of fresh worms.
Melora G'denna. There's nothing worse then half-dead racht.
Bashir takes the fresh plate, and the chef bites the coins he pays with.
They go to a table have the meal.
chef (To next customer) Gagh Tek Or. What'll it be?

At the end of this episode, the Klingon chef sings a few lines in Klingon.

Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager has also had several Klingon lines which were not really based on Okrand's Klingon.

Star Trek Enterprise

Star Trek: Enterprise has also had several Klingon lines which were not really based on Okrand's Klingon, but some where actually very close.

Star Trek Discovery

The Klingon language spoken in the latest series, Star Trek: Discovery, were translated very well by Robyn Stewart. See Dialogues of Star Trek: Discovery.


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