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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

There were some klingon letters seen in the episode "Seeing Red" of season 6 of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, first aired May 7th, 2002. In the episode, these lines are described as "klingon love poems".

Klingon language

In the episode, a paper is whown with some lines written in pIqaD. These are the following:

Line Klingon Translation Comment
1 yI'el Enter hard to read
2 HIghoS Come to me hard to read
3 yIQ -- vaD be wet - be flexible writer appears to have used the latin D in error.
4 tagha' finally
5 QI'tu', QI'lop heaven, holiday
6 QI'tu' heaven
7 pIq naQ ngech in the future - staff (stick) - cleavage naQ is a not official slang term for a male body part; ngech is confirmed by Okrand(1)
8 natlh -- nga' drain/deplete - perform sex (probably nga'chuq)
9 netlh quv [...] ten-thousand honour cut off
10 pegh [...] secret or It's secret. cut off, but a good end of a message

Note on line 9

after the word quv there follows a cut-off character which looks like a b but there are no known words starting quvb.... There are no noun suffixes beginning with b, so it's not a noun.

Verb suffixes beginning with b offer these likely options:
  • quvba' = is/are obviously honoured
  • quvbej = is/are certainly honoured
  • quvbe' = is/are not honoured
  • quvbogh = which is/are honoured

There appears to be no device involved so the type 2 suffix -beH is omitted.


From the script, you see that there is no klingon spoken in that scene:

The table is piled with the evidence Buffy snagged from the Trio's lair. Xander has an ice pack pressed to his bruised face. Buffy's dressed now and ready for action.

We were able to decipher pretty much
everything except these.

She hands Buffy half dozen sheets of a parchment inscribed with strange markings.

It's not written in any ancient
language we could identify --

It's Klingon. They're love poems --
(geek alert)
-- which have nothing to do with the
insidious scheme you're about to

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1 : qep'a' 1996

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