The word canon refers to official original sources for Klingon words, that is to pronouncements by Marc Okrand, because nobody else can create canon. They are often referred to by abbreviations.

Webster's dictionary provides this definition of the word canon(1):
1. can.on \ˈka-nən\ noun [ME, fr. OE, fr. LL, fr. L, ruler, rule, model, standard, fr. Gk kano-n [ME, prob. fr. OF, fr. LL, fr. L, model] [ME, fr. LL, fr. L, standard] [LGk kano-n, fr. Gk, model]X; akin to Gk kanna reed - more at CANE 1a: a regulation or dogma decreed by a church council 1b: a provision of canon law 2: the most solemn and unvarying part of the Mass including the act of consecration 3a: an authoritative list of books accepted as Holy Scripture 3b: the authentic works of a writer 4a: an accepted principle or rule 4b: a criterion or standard of judgment 4c: a body of principles, rules, standards, or norms 5: a contrapuntal musical composition in two or more voice parts in which the melody is imitated exactly and completely by the successive voices

Sorts of canon

There are two different perspectives on what is "canon" Klingon.

Star Trek canon

On the one hand, anything produced by Paramount is official Star Trek, and thus "canon," no matter how badly it mangles the language. Memory Alpha follows this policy and even rejects anything from Okrand, because it has not been seen on screen. For them, only phrases from the script count, even if they contradict the spelling used in The Klingon Dictionary.

Okrandian tlhIngan Hol

With respect to Klingon - that means also in this wiki - "canon" refers only to Okrand's Klingon.

Most Klingonists, on the mailing list anyway, interpret canon in a very restricted way, to those works and utterances which are verifiably from Marc Okrand. Any time you see a reference to canon in the context of Klingon, it's safe to assume the more restrictive interpretation.

It is important to make a distinction here: "Canonical" does not mean "right" or "legal." It only means that it came from Okrand, but it can still be incorrect. There are several known errors in canon sources, which are nevertheless not correct. Some of the existing mistakes have been explained as are idiomatic or dialectical.

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1 : Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary

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