During qepHom Saarbrücken 2015, 2016 and qep'a' 2016, lots of new words were revealed about chemistry terms. These include general terms, and also some names of the elements. Some of these words were first used in the Klingon Pittsburgh Art Tour, but they were first published in a list at the qepHom'a' in 2016.

Based on the word tamler element, the word for chemistry as a science is tamlerQeD, the chemist is called tamlertej.

General terms

English Klingon Source
element tamler qepHom 2015
atom HeySel qepHom 2015
molecule 'o'rIS qepHom 2015
particle pay'an qep'a' 2016
neutron yomIj qep'a' 2016
proton valtIn qep'a' 2016
electron tem qep'a' 2016


English Klingon Source
have a negative charge ngIng qep'a' 2016
have a positive charge ruS qep'a' 2016
include yugh qepHom 2016

The verb yugh means "to be composed of" or "include". When used in chemistry, it names the elements of which a molecule is made of.
cha' bIQSIp HeySelmey, wa' yInSIp HeySel je yugh bIQ 'o'rIS
two hydrogen elements one oxygen element and is compound of the water molecule.
"The water molecule includes one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms."


Nr. Element English Klingon Source Note
1 H hydrogen bIQSIp Bird of Prey Poster
2 He helium julSIp qepHom 2015
3 Li lithium puj TKD derived from the term "Dilithium": cha'puj
6 C carbon ghav qepHom 2015
7 N nitrogen voQSIp KGT
8 O oxygen yInSIp KGT
16 S sulfur no'negh qepHom 2015
24 Cr chromium velSo' qepHom 2016 .
26 Fe iron 'uSqan qepHom 2015
29 Cu copper Sorpuq qepHom 2015
47 Ag silver SIrlIy qepHom 2015
50 Sn tin jey' qepHom 2016
53 I iodine jelwaS qepHom 2019
79 Au gold qol'om qepHom 2015
82 Pb lead ngIDvoS qepHom 2015

Alloys and compounds

English Klingon Source
bronze jey' Sorpuq qepHom 2015
chromium salts qo'rIn qep'a' 2019
nitrate wejbe' qepHom 2019
saltpeter DIl'on qep'a' 2019
steel ghav 'uSqan qepHom 2016
stainless steel velSo' 'uSqan qepHom 2016

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