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Chuck is a US-american TV show. There have been two scenes in which the main characters spoke few lines in Klingon.(1). During an interview in on qepHom Saarbrücken 2017, Marc Okrand has confirmed that he did not do the Klingon translations, and he does not know who did them.

Scene 1

In the first scene, the main character tries to find out if the other person is the one he pretends to be. He does so in asking him a question in Klingon. (2)
Klingon English
tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'? Do you speak klingon?
HIja'. bIpIvqa'law'. Yes. Apparently you are healthy again.

Scene 2

In tis second scene, the guy is asking if the other is wearing a bullet proof jacket. (3)
Klingon English
ghaj yoD wep? HIja', ghobe'? The jacket of shield has, yes, no ...
HIja'. Yes.

Analysis of the klingon

The sentences are grammatically not entirely correct. The pronunciation is not perfect, but fine.


1 : forum entry on, latest request 12 Jul 2016

2 : Scene on YouTube, uploaded 28 June 2008

3 : Ausschnitt auf YouTube, uploaded 28 June 2008


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