Clipped Klingon

The term clipped Klingon describes a short form of nonstandard speech that is heard rather frequently. In Klingon it is called tlhIngan Hol poD clipped Klingon or simply Hol poD clipped language. (1) It is also the title of chapter 7 of The Klingon Dictionary.

Commands and responses to commands

When in battle situations, a captain may give orders omitting the correct prefix, for instance instead of yIbaH simply baH.


A speaker who is excited may omit the prefixes, as we have seen in ST3 when Commander Kruge yelled at his officer qama'pu' jonta' neH instead of qama'pu' vIjonta' vIneH.

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1 : Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, p. 172

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