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Klingon Coins

Some Klingon coins were seen in Star Trek: Discovery during the game of t'Sang in episode s1e15 Will you take my hand?. The Klingon currency is called DarSeq (darsek).
screen used coins

DiscoveryCoins v1.jpg
first draft of the coins

Klingon letters

The first draft of the coins published by Andy Tsang somewhere on the web showed coins with a phrase from Kahless' promise. A behind the scenes image showing the final screen used coins reveals that a different phrase was used. As they are covered with several layers of paint, the Klingon letters are very hard to read on the image. It seems they have these words:

The coin has 5 sides:
1 xxx vXyXX jIH
2 eghtaHxxx xxx
3 xIjeylu' 'ej
4 qo' vebDaq w
5 a' SaDlogh ghx

So the phrase is close to XXgh not vIjeylu' 'ej qo' vebDaq wa' SaDlogh ghXXX vXyXX jIHeghtaH

It seems to be a sentence from a song named "Undefeated" in The Final Reflection (1):
Yet if my line should die,
It dies with its teeth in the enemy's throat,
It dies with its name on the enemy's tongue.
For just as mere life is not victory,
Mere death is not defeat;
And in the next world I shall kill the foe a thousand times,

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1 : John M. Ford, 1984, The Final Reflection, p. 17

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