Commands are explained in chapter 6.5 of TKD. They are built with the following prefixes:

Subject None me you him/her/it us you (pl) them
you yI- HI- DONE yI- gho- ALERT! tI-
you(pl) pe- HI- ALERT! yI- gho- DONE tI-


  • Cells marked with ALERT! are subject-object combinations, which cannot be expressed with the verb prefix system.
  • Cells marked with DONE can use a Type 1 verb suffix to indicate a reflexive action. For example, yIHoH'egh Kill youself!. Note that the "no object" prefix is used in these cases.

Clipped klingon

If you're in a rush or highly agitated, it is possible to omit the prefix. This is called clipped klingon. For instance, yIbaH = "Fire it" (e.g. a torpedoe) is shortened to baH ="Fire!".
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