The comparison formulae is a form that compares the quality of two things. The comparison works similar to the superlative construction, using the law'/puS construction, but instead repeating the verb law'. (1)

ro'qegh'Iwchab 'ey law' qagh 'ey law'.
The rokeg blood pie is as delicious as the gagh.

tlhIngan HoS law' 'Iw HoS law'
The Klingon is as strong as blood.

It's also allowed to replace the repeated law' by the words nIb (be identical) or rap (be the same). (2)

tlhIngan woch law' tera'ngan woch nIb.
The Klingon is as tall as the Terran.

SuvwI' ghung law' qagh ghung rap.
The warrior is as hungry as gagh.

Instead of using the law'/puS construction, one can also use the following pattern: Q N1, nIb N2 "N1 is as Q as N2", literally: "N1 is Q, N2 is identical". (3)

'ugh ro'qegh'Iwchab, nIb raHta'.
The racht is as heavy as the rokeg blood pie


1 , 2 : HolQeD vol 13 no 1, p. 9-10

3 : HolQeD vol 13 no 1, p. 8

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