Consonant cluster

When two or more consonants occur in a row, one speakes of a consonant cluster. Usually when a consonant cluster is mentioned in the context of Klingon, sounds spanning multiple syllables are not counted. For example, maHpIn has Hp in it, but the H is at the end of one syllable, and the p is at the beginning of the next, so this isn't the kind of consonant cluster to worry about. However, vergh has rgh at the end of a syllable, making it a definite example of a consonant cluster.

In the observed phonology of Klingon, consonant clusters are almost nonexistent. The only clusters seen are rgh, w', and y' at the end of a syllable(1). Something like Spr is, if not unpronounceable, apparently uncomfortable in the standard dialect.


When transliterating names of non-klingon origin, other unusual clusters are possible.


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2 : seen on Okrand's business card of the movie Conlanging

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