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Credited As: ConLangers

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Credited As: ConLangers is the title of a documentary-style video produced by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, published on YouTube on January 2016. In this 6:23 minute long episode episode, which is one of a series, three known language creators talk about their language creation process. These are Paul Frommer (Na'vi language in Avatar), David Peterson (Dothraki language in Game of Thrones) and Marc Okrand.

Klingon letters

The video is divided in several chapters whose titles are displayed using words of the created languages, but also using Klingon letters. The used font is Klingon HaSta.

Time No Chapter Letters Transcription Translation
1:45 1 Phonology gojmohwiz ghojmoHwI' teacher
3:07 2 Grammar hovtrex Hovtretlh star + ?
4:10 3 Translation xifanmugmeh tlhIngan mughmeH in order to translate Klingon

Klingon language

During the video, there are parts of movie script visible which reveal some interesting details and not before seen information about the language.

Star Trek VI - lost gravity scene

Script ST6.jpg
Screenshot of ST6 script
One paper, obviously from the script for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, shows some phrases of which on reveals interesting information on using a prounoun.(1) There are different pronouns depending on whether the noun it refers to is capable of language or not. In a phrase like "The Federation is the enemy", the enemy would be the first, the Federation the latter. The example shows that the pronoun refers to the object in a To-Be-sentence: say "HE is the enemy", not "IT is the enemy".

Okrand mentioned that the hyphens are there as an aid to the actors. Many find Klingon easier to read if the syllables are separated. (2)
Gravity generator!             tlham lIng-wI'

(shouting, mumbling)
(before gravity is lost)

What happened?                 chay'
Who fired on the ship?         Duj-Daq baH-ta' 'Iv
The Federation fired on us.    maH-Daq baH-ta' DI-vI'
The Federation is the enemy.   jagh ghaH DI-vI'-'e'
We are prepared to attack.     DI-HIv-rup
What are your orders?          chay' ju-ra'
We must retaliate.             ma-noD-nIS

Star Trek VI - other scene

Hardly to recognize, one can see another sheet with few phrases from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

This is an emergency!       chach-na'
We have suffered...         na-Dev wI-Qaw'-lu' ...

We are returning now.       DaH ma-chegh 

Okrand's screen

CreditedAsConlanger OkrandsScreen.jpg
Okrand's screen
During one shot, one can see Okrand's computer screen with some detailed information.(3) One can see something that was prepared for Star Trek Into Darkness. They had asked Okrand to prepare two versions: one in the "standard" dialect, one in a nonstandard dialect. Whatever scene this was for was cut out of the movie altogether. It is not known whether the cut was made before filming (as part of a script revision) or during postproduction (editing). (4)


Who are you?
SoH 'iv!
SoH 'iv!
shohH eev?

Speak or he dies.
mijatsme'chogh, vaj Hegh gha'e'.
mi-jats-me'-chogh, vaj Hegh gha-'e'.
mee-jahts-meh-chohgh, vahj Hegh ghah-eh.

[literally: If you do not speak, the he will die]

See also

  • Conlanging, a documentary about constructed languages


1 : Video at about 2:59 and 3:41

2 , 4 : E-Mail by Okrand to Lieven L. Litaer on 08 May 2017

3 : Video at about 4:41

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