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Choose Your Pain

Choose Your Pain is the title of the fifth episode of Star Trek: Discovery. It premiered on the 15th of October 2017 on CBS All Access and one day later worldwide on Netflix.


Captain Lorca is being abducted by the Klingons. Meanwhile, scientists at the U.S.S. Discovery realize that the tardigrade suffers each time the ship makes a jump. They develop a serum that can transfer the DNA of the tardigrade to another living being, but they cannot find a compatible host for it. Captain Lorca can free himself from Klingon captivity. Lt. Stamets transmits the serum to himself and can thus rescue the ship, including its captain, from the Klingon area of influence.

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Klingon dialogues

1. Kidnapping

Speaker Klingon Subtitles
L'Rell lorqa' HoD Captain Lorca.

Use of pIqaD

Two scenes on two Klingon vessels showed some Klingon letters. See MOVED TO... pIqaD used in Discovery for details.

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