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Lethe is the title of the sixth episode of Star Trek: Discovery. It premiered on the 22nd of October 2017 on CBS All Access and one day later worldwide on Netflix.


Michael Burnham, who is linked to his katra, tries to rescue her vulcan adoptive father, Sarek, who has been assassinated. She succeeds, but Sarek is too injured to meet the Klingons. Meanwhile, Admiral Cornwell visits the Discovery and realizes that Captain Lorca is behaving paranoidly. She takes the place of Sarek, but on the meeting with the Klingons she is captured.

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Klingon dialogues

1. The trap

# Speaker Klingon Subtitles Note
1 Dennas pa' bISaH'a', qol Sa'? Are you there, General Kol?
2 Kol jISaHbej, Dennas. I am indeed, Dennas.
3 'ej qep luloHbogh qanQIypu''e' And I am pleased to see
4 QorghmeH mIwlIj vIleghDI' jIbel. how you have taken care of our Cancri hosts.
5 patlh potlh ghajbogh vulqangan'e' vISuqpu' I was hoping to get a high-ranking Vulcan,
6 'e' vItul. 'a qaqqu' be'vam. but she is so much better.
7 Suquv 'e' botobmo'... You have proven yourselves worthy.
8 batlh tay'bogh tlhIngan wo'wIj chu' You shall be welcome in my new United Klingon Empire
9 bo'el 'ej DujmeyrajvaD So'meH laH boHev. and will receive the ability to cloak your ships as a result.

New words

The Klingon spelling for the planet "Cancri" as qanQIy was made by translator Robyn Stewart, but not vetted by Marc Okrand.

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