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Will You Take My hand?

Will You Take My hand? is the title of the season finale and 15th episode of Star Trek: Discovery. It premiered on the 11th of February 2018 on CBS All Access and one day later worldwide on Netflix. In this episode, the voice of L'Rell spoke the introduction line "Previously on Star Trek: Discovery" in Klingon: Hov leng: DISqa'vI'rIy 'ay'mey vorgh.


While carrying out a desperate plan to attack the Klingon Empire in order to win the war, the Federation even tries a more secret plan which would result in the entire destruction of the Klingon Homeworld Kronos. Burnham finds an alternative way and ends the war in a more Starfleet-like manner.

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Klingon dialogues

There are a few lines at the beginning of the episode. Ash Tyler speaks Klingon during a Klingon game called tISang, and at the end of the episode, L'Rell holds an epic speech at the Klingon High Council.
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Klingons approaching Earth

# Time Speaker Klingon Subtitles
1 00:00 -- DoS tu'choHpu' noch. We have acquired the target.


# Time Speaker Klingon Subtitles
1 00:00 L'Rell ghe'tor yIghoS, Human machqu'. Go to hell, small Human!

Klingon game

# Time Speaker Klingon Subtitles
1 00:00 voice from bar pemej! Get out!
2 00:00   Hoch All of you!
3 00:00 Klingon naDev nuq DaturlI', Human? What are you doing here, Human?
4 00:00   DIvI'vaD bIghoq'a'? Spying for the Federation?
5 00:00 Tyler ghobe'. nIrurbogh lujwI'vo' 'opvatlh DarSeq vItlhap 'e' vInej. No, I'm looking to take a few hundred darseks from losers like you.
6 00:00   Ha', Davonlu'meH matagh. Let's begin your humiliation.
7 00:00 Klingon bISuDmeH Huch Daghaj'a', nuj tIn loDHom ghajbogh? Do you have cash to play, little boy with a big mouth?
8 00:00 Tyler HIbotQo'. Out of my way.
9 00:00 Croupier wIvraj tIDoQ. Place your bets.
10 00:00 Tyler pojwI'. Croupier!
11 00:00 Croupier DoqwI'. DoqwI' Red. Red.
12 00:00 Klingon tagh chu'wI'. New player goes first.
13 00:00 Klingon cha'! cha'! Two! Two!
14 00:00 Tyler yay! yIQaw' Victory! Destroy him!
15 00:00 Klingon cha'. Two.

Klingon High Council

# Time Speaker Klingon Subtitles
1 00:00 L'Rell .. .!
2 00:00   .. .
3 00:00   .. .
4 00:00   .. .
5 00:00   .. .
6 00:00   .. .
7 00:00   .. .
8 00:00   .. .
9 00:00   .. .
10 00:00   .. .
11 00:00   .. .
12 00:00   .. .
13 00:00   .. .
14 00:00   .. .


  • 7: The actor seems to have flipped the words in nuj tIn loDHom ghajbogh which should be nuj tIn ghajbogh loDHom.

Written Klingon

During the scenes on the Klingon Homeworld, lots of Klingon signs were seen, all written in pIqaD and an unknown letter which is probably Orion. The translations for the Klingon signs were all provided by Robyn Stewart, they were designed by Andy Tsang. For more details, see pIqaD used in Discovery

New words

The Klingon subtitles for this episode contain the following new words:
  • QIl v. be desperate (being in a no-way-out situation)
  • qaw n. memory (ability to remember)
  • wov'on n. memory (a thing which a person remembers)
  • 'oray n. Orion (planet) - 'orayya' is also possible.
  • 'orayngan n. Orion (person)

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