Dahar master

Dahar master is a courtesy title for a klingon warrior.

In the series Deep Space Nine, the warriors Kor, Kang and Koloth are called Dahar master.


The klingon word for dahar is Da'ar (1).

The klingon spelling of the word first appeared in the book A Good Day to Die, which isn't canon. After the publication of The Klingon Art of War, Marc Okrand confirmed in 2014 on the qepHom some of the vocabulary and also Da'ar in this book as canon.

One possible explanation for the "etymology" of the word is a composition of the words Da' corporal and Har to believe or DaHar you believe him origineted in a more ancient version of the language. Also, it is not clear, if Dahar is a klingon martial art or only serves as a part of this courtesy title.


In the TV series Dr. House, Dr. Kutner explains that he achieved the title of Dahar master in the last academic year.

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1 : qepHom Saarbrücken 2014, p. 34


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