Das offizielle Wörterbuch Klingonisch-Deutsch

Das Offizielle Wörterbuch

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Das Offizielle Wörterbuch (revised edition)
Das offizielle Wörterbuch (lit. "the official dictionary") is the German title for The Klingon Dictionary.

First edition 1998

The first german translation of "The Klingon Dictionary" is so bad that one can only use it if you want to check something back you don't understand while reading the original english. It's certainly enough for beginners, to get a short overview of the klingon language. But if you want to seriously learn with it, you will learn the mistakes, unfortunately. Besides of some stupid typos (like quamDu' instead of qamDu', qatkh for qatlh) there are many bad translation mistakes ("tribble" translated using the word for "tribe", or "frightener" confused with "freighter") and even some topic-mistakes (writing the letter "o" for the zero-prefix)(1).

Revised edition 2013

On the occasion of the movie Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013, all of the mistakes of the German translation of TKD have been corrected by klingonist Lieven L. Litaer.

Not only the badly translated German text, but also all of the grammar explanations and vocabulary lists are now correct. Now you can really use this book and be sure that you are learning correct Klingon. If you like to make a Klingon name, you can be sure not to produce rubbish. All of the pronunciation hints are now readible for German speakers; this means that you can pronounce klingon without any knowledge of it. This book is definitely recommended, for any German who likes to learn Klingon, but also for anyone else who likes to complete their klingon library.

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1 : (de) http://www.qephom.de/d/dowfehler.html A list of corrections of DOW

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