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Dating for Geeks

Dating for Geeks is a Dutch comic strip that appears in the freely distributed Metro newspaper on a regular basis. On December 5 2016 a strip appeared with a mention of the Klingon language. (1)

In the story, a girl reads a letter she received from her friend accompanying a present. (In the Netherlands, gifts are exchanged on the day of Santa Clause, not on Christmas.) The translated text is as follows:
panel 1: Dear Yvon, Santa Clause needed to think long and hard about a gift for you, but he did eventually have an idea.
panel 2: It was not very original, but everybody likes a chocolate letter. Kind regards, Sint en Piet
panel 3: Gee, thanks... But it does not really rhyme, does it?
panel 4: It does in the original KLINGON. But I had to translate it for you because you did not understand it!

Lieven L. Litaer quickly provided the rhyming, "restored" Klingon version:
Qatlhbej SoHvaD vay' nobmeH Qu'.
Qubchu'DI' QISmaS pIn, vaj vay' Samchu'.
le'be'bej qechvam tugh 'e' vIghov,
'ach yuch ngutlh tIv Hoch net Sov.


1 :, published 5 Dec 2016

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