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CD cover
Degh (Klingon for symbol or for helmsman) is the name of a klingon song. It was published 1995 with the title "Tek for Trek" and is one of the first songs in klingon officially for sale. The artists named on the cover are Dave K'sy and Rodge Huside. The single was produced by NOW Music Production in Berlin.


Nr. Klingon preset translation
1 yoH loD'e' woQ. lojtaH nuch. The brave man is mighty, the coward will lose all
2 veSvaD je rojvaD wuq neH yoH loD. Only the brave man can decide about war and peace
3 batlh ghaj yoH loD. mInDu' leghbe' nuch. The brave man has honor, the coward will not look you in the eye
4 'Iwraj wuq neH yoH loD. Only the brave man may decide about your blood.
R mu'vaD je vangvaD maQam, We will own up not once, not twice
R wa'loghbe', cha'loghbe' 'ach wejlogh! but thrice to our words and deeds!
5 Hem ghaj yoH loD. jeyQo' nuch. The brave man has pride, the coward will submit.
6 Qam maHvaD neH yoH loD. Only the brave man can be our equal
7 mIp yoH loD. pagh ghaj nuch. The brave man will be rich, the coward owns nothing.
8 mIpbogh loD yoH wavchugh. Only the brave man can share his riches with others.
9 ra' yoH loD. ra'taH nuch. The brave man can give orders, the coward can only obey.
10 may loD yoHchugh. Only the brave man can show mercy.
11 Hegh yoH loD. Hegh nuch. The brave man will die, the coward will also die.
12 wa'logh Hegh yoH loD, 'ach wa'SaD Hegh nuch. The brave man only tastes death once, but the coward dies many times.
13 wuq yoH loD. pagh jatlh nuch. The brave man can decide, the coward remains silent.
14 Hoch choHtaH neH yoH loD. Only the brave man will change anything at will.
15 wa'DIch yoH loD, Dach nuch. The brave man is in front, the coward is not seen.
16 vangwI'meyDaj Hem neH yoH loD. Only the brave man is responsible for his deeds.
17 wIvtaH yoH loD. wIvQo' nuch. The brave man has a choice, the coward has none.
18 vuDlIj ghajtaH nuch. The coward will always be of your opinion.
19 yIyoH 'ej Hovmey boghaj! So be brave and you will own the world!


The pronunciation of the klingon is almost perfect. Only the distension of the letter I to the german "ie" instead of "i" like in ship is obvious. In general the song is a good example. The grammar of the lyrics is well researched and composed and contains only a few wrong deviations. Those are so small, you can call them poetic licence.

  • yoH loD should be loD yoH since verbs acting as adjectives follow the noun.
  • In line 2 and later the conjunction je and is at the wrong place. For nouns this word always goes after the nouns, not between them.
  • Chorus: For sure, it isn't allowed to put the negation -be' at the word wa'logh with the intended meaning "not once".
  • In line 12 it should be wa'SaDlogh Hegh nuch.
  • Strictly speaking, the word vangwI'mey in line 16 doesn't mean "Deeds", but "things, doing something".


The CD contains 3 Songs:
1. Degh (traditional) 4:22 84 bpm
2. Degh (Tek revision) 5:22 140 bpm
3. Degh (Human revision) 5:00 117 bpm

The bpm-numbers were mistakenly switched at the CD cover.


The musician Rodge Huside worked on a sequel in 2001 in cooperation with Lieven L. Litaer with the working title "Degh 2". The lyrics are finished, but the project was never finished.

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