Dicionário da língua klingon

Cover of Portuguese TKD
Dicionário da língua klingon (Portuguese for "dictionary of klingon language") is the name of the in 1995 published Portuguese translation of The Klingon Dictionary. It was translated by Eduardo Akira.


  • As opposed to all the other translations, the portuguese translation contains thirteen drawings of klingons troughout the book. These are drawings of known pictures of klingons.
  • The last page of the book contains a phrase Hov teng® pak vIghItlhta'bogh DalaD´a´, corrected: Hov leng paq vIghItlhta'bogh DalaD'a'? Did you read the Star Trek book I have written but it is not known who wrote that phrase.
  • The book is much larger than the other translations and contains only 160 pages.

Other Translations

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