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Die Anstalt (german for "The Asylum")

Die Anstalt (The Asylum) is the name of a german political satire show by Max Uthuff and Claus von Wagner, broadcast by ZDF. (1)


In the episode shown on 27th of February 2018 they made a parody of Star Trek. Right at the start the slogan "Klingonisch, ist aber so" was presented. The slogan means basically: "Klingon, it's what it is", which is a pun on the german word "komisch" (weird) and the similar sounding "klingonisch" (klingon-y). Shortly afterward guest speaker Hennes Bender recited a quote from Hmalet, saying taH pagh taHbe' To be or not to be:

Quote starting at 10:55
Original: Leute, es geht ums Eingemachte in der Partei. Sein oder Nichtsein. Oder wie es im klingonischen Original heißt: pach pah, pach pä.

Translation: Guys, this is it for the party. Push comes to shove. To be or not to be. Or as the klingon original says: pach pah, pach pae.


The quote has been memorized well, but the pronunciation isn't as good. The problems are not the difficult to differentiate letters H and gh, but that the speaker clearly says a P instead of a T. This is a common mistake (in german at least), because the quote in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country is somewhat slurred.

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1 : (de) Die Anstalt on Wikipedia


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