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Die Star Trek Physik

Die Star Trek Physik (German for "The physics of Star Trek") is a book published in 2016, written by Dr. Metin Tolan, professor for experimental physics at the Technische University Dortmund (1). With help of detailed calculations, it shows interesting connections and funny mistakes from Star Trek, for example, that from various statements in an episode you can calculate the theoretical weight of the Enterprise which is 158 kilogram.

Klingon acknowledgment

At the end of the book, there is an acknowledgement written in Klingon. This was obviously made with the help of the Bing-translator, by what it doesn't make too much sense. Beginners can spot that easily by seeing the use of English words in the text. Advanced speakers recognize the gibberish, by seeing, that the author thanks the Hamlet figure "Guildenstern".

Klingon text Intended meaning, Source: Author, see below actual translation (as far as possible)
law' nuvpu' qabDaj beQDaq lang, Hutlh 'oH wej tu'lu' yIlaD qatlho' vIneH. "I would like to thank all the people, that made this book possible." The people are many, in their flat face they are big, it is missing, is isn't there yet, you read it, I would like to thank you.
Qo'noS wa'DIch loj ghIlDeSten Katharina Wulffius editor. "At first, I want to thank my editor Katharina Wulffius." Kronos first, is Guildenstern vanished editor Katharina Wulffius.
QaH ghaH tireless yItuv largest usage, vaj tu'lu' yIlaD qabDaj je. "She aided tirelessly with patience and great commitment to bring this book into existence." She aided tierelessly, be patient biggest use, there is a warrior; read, and her face.
vaj Hoch latlh naQ je team Piper publish juH pov cooperation, je bIH Maren Wetcke, Janine Erdmann, Veronika Heid, Wolfgang Gartmann, Sebasitan Lehnert, 'ej law' latlhpu', Qap jInmol vIneH. "Then I want to thank all other members of the staff of Piper publishing for the great cooperation, especially I want to thank Maren Wetcke, Janine Erdmann, Veronika Heid, Wolfgang Gartmann, Sebastian Lehnert and many others, that collaborated in this project." Then all other staffs, Maren Wetcke, Janine Erdmann, Veronika Heid, Wolfgang Gartmann, Sebasitan Lehnert, are a team Piper publishing perfect home and cooperation and many other. I want that the project succeeds.
Satlho' precise graphics Florian Feldhaus chenmoH. "I thank Florian Feldhaus for the precise design of the graphics. " I thank you, he designs precise graphics Florian Feldhaus .
chongaghpa' Hoch Hov trek quotes ghoch Qap HurDaq vaj Frank Prieß Ralph Wegner 'ej QaH wej. "Without the help of Frank Prieß and Ralph Wegner it would be even possible for me to find all those STAR TREK quotes." Before you copulate with me, finding all Star Trek quotes outside, then Frank Prieß Ralph Wegner and three are helping.
tlhIvmo', ghIlDeSten tIn owe SoH jIH. "For that I owe them my gratitude" Because he was disobedient, I owe you the big Guildenstern.
'eb Qav 'ach wej least Hoch HaDwI' qatlho' vIneH, seminar vISuch je Hov trek cham physics 15 DIS, 'ej pong 'IH much examination Sumbej pIlmoH jIH. "And last but not least I thank all the students, who visited our seminar Die Physik and Technik bei Star Trek (en: physics and technology in Star Trek) for 15 years and who made nice presentation, which inspired me into some more detailed examinations." Last chance, but not a few yet, I want you all students thank. I visit the seminar, too, Star Trek Technik physics 15 years and I inspire the beautiful name very close presentation exam.
qaStaHvIS yIn 'ej chep! "Live long and prosper!" During the live and he prospers


Directly after the acknowledgement a footnote follows with notes from the author:


Pages: 352 pages
Publisher: Piper
Date: 2nd of May 2016
Language German
ISBN-10 3492056539
ISBN-13 978-3492056533
Format 13,6 x 3,3 x 21 cm

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1 : (de) Wikipedia article for Metin Tolan


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