Discord is the name of an online communication platform that allows people to chat in a written, but also a spoken form. It can be used as a downloadable app on PC/OSx/iPhone/Android as well as directly from any browser.


Discord was originally a voice/text chat app for gamers, so people could communicate in multiplayer online games. In the same way that MUDs/MUSHes were often repurposed to be just virtual places people could meet to discuss various subjects, Discord has also developed communities of people who use it for purposes other than gaming. The KLI MUSH has basically been replaced by the KLI Discord. The client software is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, and you can also connect online using a browser.

Klingon community

There's a fairly active community of Klingon speakers on Discord. You can find your way there through this KLI page: https://www.kli.org/members-only/discord-chat-server/

Discord has very good VoIP capabilities, and some of us have been having semi-regular ghogh qepHommey. There's supposed to be a regular session on Saturdays (afternoon in the Americas, evening Europe), though you could just voice chat with someone if they're available.

Discord is recommend for all levels of Klingonists because people often complain that they can't make it to a physical qep'a' / qepHom due to expense/distance/time/etc., whereas Discord doesn't cost anything. Also, while one can learn using Duolingo or Memrise, or by writing stories or discussing grammar on the mailing list or one of the Facebook groups, there's something to having a real-time voice conversation in Klingon which exercises skills which can't be developed by other means.

English channels

The Klingon Language Institute: https://discordapp.com/invite/Azwrwvh

This channel has a Discord bot that can lookup words using the Hol 'ampaS database, that can play word guessing games, and that can play Klingon songs in voice channels.

German channels

Klingonisch-Stammtisch: https://discord.gg/NrUhpvb

This channel also has a Discord bot that can look up words, using the boQwI' database.
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