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Discovery Ships Poster

Poster with Klingon ships
Eaglemoss have published a poster with Klingon ships as they have appeared in Star Trek: Discovery. Some of them are labeled with Klingon words. At this point, it is not known who translated their names, or if the designer simply looked up the words in The Klingon Dictionary. The poster is 594 x 420 mm (A2).

From left to right, top to bottom, the ships are labeled

Label Given translation note
veqlargh class demon -
bortaS bir class cold revenge bIr is spelled incorrectly with lower case i
Qugh class destroyer disaster -
chargh class conquer -
'etlh class blade -
jach class scream -
Klingon sarcophagus - -
Sech class torch -
Klingon cleave ship - -
Qoj class war -
Qaw' class destroy -


First, many words are used as verbs, and it's not clear if their English counterpart is used as a noun or a verb (such as "scream"). Then, the choice of the verb Qoj make war for "war class" seems to make clear that this was not translated by an expert, because they would have chosen veS war for this phrase.

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