Elizabeth Faber

Elizabeth Lawrence Faber
Elizabeth Lawrence Faber (born 1988, Klingon name be''etlh) is a klingonist of Westchester, New York. Her Klingon name comes from a combination of its similarity to Beth and the fact that she thought "Woman's sword" was interesting imagery. She has been to all the qep'a'mey since wa'maH cha'DIch (2005) until 2016, except for the two that travelled with WorldCon (2011 and 2012). (1)

KLCP level

She holds the KLCP rank of po'wI' (expert). At the 2009 qep'a', she passed the first KLCP level (2). She passed the second level at the 20th qep'a' (2013) and the third level in 2016 at qep'a' cha'maH wejDIch.

Klingon language

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1 : own message to Lieven L. Litaer of 01 Oct 2016

2 : Speakers of Klingon gather in Essington, published July 24, 2010 by John Timpane, retrieved 18 Sep 2016

3 : Paley Center Salutes 50 years of Star Trek on www.paleycenter.org, retrieved 18 Sep 2016

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