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Emergency Room

Screenshot, Klingon speaker on the left
Emergency Room (sometimes abbreviated "ER") is an american television series about life in the hospital, aired from 1994 until 2009.

Klingon appearance

During the season 10 episode 19 "Just a touch", aired 2004, there appeared one person who spoke Klingon. What he said was mostly nonsense, but it was interesting to see that everyone in the episode knew that it's klingon. This episode is a nice example to show how common Klingon has become in daily life. At the end of the episode, someone mentions that the hospital was thinking about engaging a Klingon translator to help the patient. This was a hint to a story that really happened in Oregon few years before.


It is not clear if the phrases are just strange sounds, or whether the actor mispronounces very badly. The use of the words legh see and wa'leS tomorrow in the second scene gives a clue that this has been a true attempt to use correct Klingon, but with a very bad pronunciation:

Speaker spoken line
patient 1: too-yoo gle-loo. kaplah beylah
Dr. Lockhart: What's... What's he saying?
patient 2: No one here speaks Klingon.
patient 3: It's rather ood, don't you think?
Dr. Lockhart: Yeah... no... I'd... No!

At the end of the show, there is another scene with Klingon:
Speaker spoken line Subtitles Possible transcription
Dr. Lockhart: legro su ta wales I see you again tomorrow leghro SutaH wa'leS
patient 1: ga-hacha', athourn - ghay'cha'
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